Monday, March 18, 2002

On Saturday I went down Pete’s for a house “party” (tho it wasn’t the kind of house party I’m used to!! No drugs, little sex). But it was, and I must stress this, OK. If Pete had warned me of certain things, you know what they are, then I would have stayed home, watched TV and woken up refreshed for work the next morning. But he didn’t and I almost enjoyed myself. The 2nd Poll below is more to make a point than anything else.

Anyway was very tired all day at work, did some bar work, turned a few very smelly tramps out of reception (no not Chris, Pete, Laura and Zoe all tho they did visit.)

I have decided to return to my old religion. It has taken me a while to reach this decision. That religion is of course Wicca and I add a link in tribute to this occasion. Its not really that momentus occasion as nothing really changes.

OK people I have had some awful realisations!! I have not had sex in 2 months!! I never realised that making a choice not to seek out gay friends and allow relationships to develop naturally would have such a dramatic affect (choice made just before I headed for uni)!! I have not gone without sex for so long since I first had sex!! I may have to go off to Canterbury or down to Brighton just to get things back to normal!!

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