Monday, March 25, 2002

In Faulty Towers today. We got a shipment of 8000 fliers, which look pretty respectable. But as always there is a problem. I pointed out to Mr. Lambert and Josie that the phone number was wrong. So we have 8000 extremely useless, but well designed fliers. If this place wasn’t called Faulty Towers already.......

In other news I am continuously getting phone calls here asking whether we are the introduction agency mentioned in our advert in the Yellow pages. I looked at it. It would seem one of the last acts of the Euro Millennium Hotel was to classify the hotel in the introduction agencies section!! Maybe I should say yes and organise something!! This may be the reason a lot of the old Euro emails are involve Americans looking for love. This hotel is one disaster after another!!

Right my Living End story. It’s interesting only in its affect on me (if its interesting at all). Before I saw the Living End (LE), I believed that the world was governed by certain unbreakable rules. You must obey your parents, you should never break a law, and, most certainly, sexuality (in all its forms) was something to be ashamed of.

Basically this film was originally to be called Fuck the World, which literally sums up its story (its not high on script its more about style). Any way its blatant disregard for the above rules made me realise that there was so much more to life than being good, following the rules and being “normal”. (Slap me if I use the word anyway ever again). And I finally saw that being gay didn’t mean you had to limit what you say or do so as not offend anybody with repressive views. If I hadn’t seen this film I would never have gone to Europe, never of had any “fun”, never changed my job twice in one week (apple farm worker, member of the NAAFI and a hotel receptionist!!) and I would not even contemplate writing my diary online!! That is why me finally getting it is such a big deal to me. It is as influential on me as the Bible is for Evangelical Creationists.

Now on to Sophie. Her revelation that she understood Wicca not only threw me it pleased me a little. Usually when I meet people like that they assume I’m new to it (and not a Wiccan of two years like I am, I just took a break!!) she didn’t so I thank you Sophie for not being condescending like so many other “Wiccans” (I say they are just in it for fashion) have been.

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