Saturday, March 30, 2002

Have a Nice Day

Gosh a lot of things have happened since my last post. I’ll try to keep it as clear and concise as possible.

Yesterday, all hell broke loose as toilets stopped working and I realised Mr. Lambert had been booking people in, despite the fact we were full. Oh how I love to deal with irate customers. After everyone was booked in I took over on the bar for the afternoon while everyone else went out on errands (Mr. Lambert went down to Harvey’s Bar, played a game of pool, and then pocketed a black ball as our new pool table is missing one.) The northerners who had booked in had been rather abusive towards me (a soft southerner) but once we got talking they were actually very nice. They had me sussed as being gay in seconds and were chuffed when I freely admitted it. It earnt me their respect for having the balls to say “Yes I’m gay”. After an argument with Roberto the chef (I was off duty so I was having a drink bought for me by the guests, what’s wrong with that I was off duty) I headed home by taxi (where I was informed that Faulty Towers was a death trap (how would he know we only just opened?! The truth is out!!).

Steve phoned to tell me he couldn’t come (he refuses to except any money from me as he is older, the fool!). I went down to Gees and tried to have fun. Sometimes I think me, Pete and Laura are the only ones who enjoy going out. The others barely make an effort to turn up. Matt (in very bright pink shirt[scary thing is he isn’t gay]), Chris, Zoe, Kim, Elliot and Claire made an appearance. So it got to 11 and every one started to disperse. Well that was until I found myself in Kim’s car with her, Elliot, Claire and Kim’s friend on the way to the cinema (we saw Crossroads which was okay even if it tried to be this years Coyote Ugly a bit too hard.) I got home around half past 1 in the morning.

I came into work this morning and was immediately enlisted into being breakfast waiter, washer up-er and general dogs body for a hectic hour of fun and hilarity. Or not.

Did any one see the UK's Worst a couple of nights ago on BBC1? The one about the disgusting restaurants? Well one of the restaurants was reusing leftovers from peoples plates and serving them again. Thats what Mr. Lambert was doing today. He would take uneaten things (say a sausage or a tomato for instance and reuse it!!) I nearly threw up.

And then I get to here where I’ve discovered someone has stolen my Guardian. The bastards!

One last thing: David I love you!

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