Thursday, March 21, 2002

Spring Equinox

Merry Meet.

I am far less happy than I was yesterday. There I was thinking I had made a break through and then the truce between me and my family was called off. I am not depressed just feeling extremely..... rebellious.

Mr. (bloody) Lambert has run away to France without paying me. This is bloody typical. I am not a happy bunny. In other news I'm thinking of moving out of my house into a flat. Most landlord charge rent is £55 a week and I can afford that. It would give me and my family some space and I'd be free to pursue my life in a way that suits me.

We've had Faulty Towers Hotel and Sybil's bar. What could be next? Well I can now announce that Manuel's Gym has just been opened!! Is this life mirroring blog or blog mirroring life?

Has anyone out there seen Will Youngs "Anything is Possible" video? The one where he is wearing a white shirt (top AND bottom button open) with those large cuffs? Brian wore it at the end of Big Brother 2 (Big Bro 3 soon!!!!). Well I spotted two (yes TWO) gay men sporting said shirt plus accompanying Will hairstyles and smiles yesterday. Firstly since when did Folkestone have gay men who were fashion conscious? Secondly, Does this mean that I am required to wear said attire?

OK thanks to Pete's and's combined effort my page has now had over 200 hits. Let me give you some facts. Pete has visited this site more times than me (29% OF THE HITS ARE DOWN TO HIM). Only 65% of hits are from the UK (it was 99% last month) and over 16% (the next highest percentage) come from Central Russia, and Southern Asia!!

The Portland reopens in a couple of months.

Sam has a blog, the link for which is below. Well done Sam!! Visit him and say hi.

Well done Peter on getting a job!! 25% off at W H Smiths? I will be going shopping with you in future!!

Merry Part

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