Sunday, March 24, 2002

Merry Meet

Yesterday I had a day off to sort my finances out. To do this I had to go to....... Ashford. I know only one good thing to come out of the Ashford area and that’s Lauren (although even she doesn’t live there!!). Its scary there so many pikies and rudies. Any way I sorted my account out, bought Stephen King’s “Everything’s Eventual” and then went home and did some internet shopping for some new shirts for work. Then D-day arrived. The group is back from their various unis.

We congregated in the Leas Club, me, Laura, Pete, Chris, Zoe, Elliot (isn’t this just our usual group!!) plus Sean, Adam and Sophie. It wasn’t exactly a fun night. Firstly I had a very depressed Adam and I had no idea how to help him. I mean I am not the best person to give advice. (“Why don’t you run away to Europe and feel depressed by the Med or in the piazze of Florence?). Then I had to contend with the fact that I couldn’t mention Kim or Ed (sore spots among many), the Hardc0re 3 couldn’t interact, and Elliot was in one of his I’m not homophobic but... moods. And as I was paid by cheque I had no money to spend.

Anyway I’m back in Faulty Towers with the comforts of walkie talkies that pick up Taxi radio’s, Bish the Albanian cleaner who I really try to understand but fail to, with the crazy owners who believe that allowing a docusoap crew into the hotel is a sensible idea and lets not forget the permanent resident’s Mr. Singh and his dog Chealsea. (whom I teaching the internet to [Mr. Singh not the dog]) Jelena the Russian who still hasn’t recovered from Will turning out gay, and Dr. Gaur the doctor turned Bollywood star. Don't forget Francesca the most annoying child in the world who resides in my reception. Oh at least I expect the unexpected here.

OK this blog is really long and I’ll tell you the story about the Living End (by Gregg Araki)
Plus Sophies interest in Wicca!!

*UPDATE* Mr. Singh, Jelena, and Dr. Gaur have moved out today. I'll miss them. Now its just me and Bish upstairs. Where's the fun in that?! I'm going to miss making a fuss of Chelsea and how's Mr. Singh going to finish his lessons?

Merry Part.

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