Thursday, March 14, 2002

I went through my travel bag last night. After I came back from Europe I simply took out the clothes and put it under my bed. It was quick wierd looking through it. There was my ticket to the Collesseum, my train tickets, my books from the museums in London, some travel guides to Austria bought in Rome with money from selling my other books, there was even porn from France and some Wethers Originals bought in Valence unopened (well not anymore!!). Its scary to think that just 2 months ago I was gallavanting around Europe! Now I feel like doing something fun again (although this time legitimately).

I did a silly thing today. I found myself liking President Bush. He has declared himself against the result of the Zimbabwe elections. You go girl!!

In other news will be adding links each day plus will issue a poll on "The Portal" soon for consultation with my mates. Todays links : Dawsons Creek site for Charlie fans (although I note a severe lack of Charlie on the site) and Charter 88's site for greater democracy. Viva the revolution!! If you have any great links send 'em here and I'll put them on (after review of course).

Just got Zoe and Annie's "goodlooking blokes" list. I'm second!! Joy!!

Thank you Laura for your concern about me but I'm fine now just got a little down as it was Melly's anniversary. Hoped to be paid today!! So anyone up for a drinking session at Gees?

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