Tuesday, March 26, 2002

I have become filled with an immense wanderlust. I need to travel. I’ve been reading of the adventures of such people as the Pitcairn Islanders and I’ve read The
for about the ninth time. I’m bored of Europe. I mean its nice and all that. But its home. I understand how Europeans work. I’ve been to France (a kind proud people), Italy (ker-azy [resurrected old word of mine]), Spain, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. I want to go somewhere exotic, that’s adventurous. Somewhere I won’t meet (no offence to the Japanese or Americans here I just happen meet the crazies of every race) American tourists or loony Japanese families hopelessly lost in the middle of Rome or some other city.

I want to taste new foods, meet new people, and visit places that I can’t even pronounce (like Worchester ;0) ). I want to walk along a tropical beach at sunset or ramble through a ruined temple at sunrise. So I make an amendment to New Years Resolution 2 (To do utterly random things [like escape to Europe or change my job on a whim])

New Years Resolution 2a: I shall travel to somewhere I have never been before that is not in Europe, that is not the United States of America and that is not boring. India? Taiwan? Liberia? Uruguay? Tuvalu? I may run a poll: Where should Jason go this year? Vote now!!

Mr. Lambert’s latest idea is to set up Polly’s Introduction Agency to deal with the phone calls I’ve been getting!! I think he is taking the Faulty Towers thing a little too far!! My remit as Hotel manager now covers a hotel, gym and now an introduction agency how did I get this job? I really don’t remember. I'm only eighteen for grud's sake (I bought 2000AD yesterday so I may start saying some weird words again!!)

Just Like Heaven - My blog of the day

Went out with Sam, Pete, Claire, Chris, Elliot and Kim to Wetherspoons. Not to bad a night really. Oh and I saw Matt's newish hipy look (new as in more pronounced). Pony tail, Peace jacket, bright shirts. How does he get away with it?


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