Monday, March 11, 2002

All I will say here about the anniversary of September the 11th is that my thoughts are with those innocents who have suffered due to the events and also American retaliation. If I try to say more I will just go into a rant which is not appropriate today.

Anyways, went out to the Leas club with Ed, Pete and Laura on Saturday. I was still upset about Melly and shouldn't of gone out. A phone call from Steve cheered me up. He has a way of doing that. I mean I don't love him now but it wasn't that long ago that I loved him more than can be described. But I've changed and he has changed and its only he who cannot see it is time for us to move on and grow as individuals.

Nan, Joy, Little Tony and David came round. It was nice to see them as I haven't seen them since I ran away to Europe.

Mr. Lambert, in all his wisdom, has arranged for a documentary crew to film a docusoap in our hotel!! It really will be the most boring in history. It would go something like this.
"Here is Jason, head receptionist watching TV, and here is Bish the cleaner, uh, cleaning." - Narrator

Congrats to Pop Idol Will Young on finally come out in public although it was something I've known for quite a long time (thanks Lauren for the inside info!). Anyhow well done even if it is a bit overdue!! Just for you Will I've added a link.

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