Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Here is what Sam says (on me may I add) about Kim. "People must drop the 'i'm not liking her till she likes me attitude'" (March 27th Sam's Blog Thingy). May I ask why? If she doesn't like me (as she doesn't) why should I make the effort to like her?

Secondly he says the Hardc0re 3 is not hardcore enough for him. Well Sam if you read my blog late last week you'd notice I said we would not be hardcoring it while everyone is home. And I didn't come out last night as it didn't sound like fun doing half an hour walk to and from Gees just for one and half hours of "fun". Oh and Holby City was on and I'm hopelessly in love with the gay guy. So there!!

On a lighter note I got an email from Russell!! Haven't heard from him in 4 years I found him on Friends Reunited under Sellindge County Primary school. Its great!!

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