Friday, March 08, 2002

The 9th of March is the first anniversary of Melly's death. She died because of an infection that she couldn't fight because of her treatment for leukaemia. I dedicate this blog to her memory from this day forward. I just want to say that I miss you Melly and I will never forget you. I hope they have pigeons in heaven. ;)

I have been listening to Lyte Funkie Ones "Summer Girls" today. It was quite upsetting as it reminds me off the summer of 2000 when my life was as easy as could be. For one thing Melly was still alive (although she did have leukaemia by then). And I had secrets. Oh how I miss having secrets. Being in the closet was fun!!! I didn't have to worry about being judged by my sexuality and could live a double life (Stephen, casual sex, secret crushes on people like MT).

I mean having secrets was FUN!! No two ways about it. Now I'm like a bliming open book. There is no fun in being open and honest. Its so frightfully uninteresting.

Any how went out with Pete, Laura and Chris last night and we went to band night at Gees to see Fallout. We made up lists of most attractive boy/girl in the group (no that's not a category just for Matthew you cruel people!!!). I came fourth on both Laura's and Pete's lists (not anything to be frowned at).

A couple checked into today and I placed them in a room we just turned on (hotel speak) number 4. Josie and Peter have only just vacated the room and Josie still had a key. She didn't know the couple were in there and upon hearing strange noises she investigated.

After all this was a ground floor room it could have be thieves!! Anyway it wasn't. They were having sex in there and Josie just walked in!!! This really is Faulty Towers!!

*EDITED 18/07/2007*

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