Saturday, March 16, 2002

In breaking news I've added a link for........ Gees Bar's website!! Oh yes I found it and its at the bottom of the page. Go see and enjoy!!

I've just had three twenty year old blokes in their underwear watching football in my reception. I LOVE this job!!

Ok the poll has changed. The results of the last one were 60% were in favour of increased rights for the sexual minorities (hurrah!!), 40% were against (the rotters). The new poll is to see who really is the greatest pop idol. I suggest you vote Korben (a former Mr. Gay UK finalist who came 10th in the pop idol contest).

I saw one hell of a good show last night: "Dead Ringers", it was on BBC1. It is the greatest sketch show since the League of Gentlemen. Imagine Tom Bakers Dr. Who shopping for a new TARDIS in the wardrobe section of DFS. Or Tony Blair sharing a night of passion with George from Rainbow during the filming of Zippy’s Faking It (he was trying to be Cherie Blair). GENIUS!! I knew it was sheer greatness when Dr. Who launched an attack on a Cyberman using a pillow stolen from the beds department. Can it get any better?

My family are determined we have a mice infestation. I’ve tried to tell them that the mouse I found was a field mouse. They will not listen. Now tell me what kind of mouse would move into a house with three (sometimes four) cats!?

Oh no!! Francesca has returned to annoy me (see entry two weeks ago). My new nickname seems to be JIP (and no I'm not going to tell you what that means!!). Help!! Plus the twenty years olds watching football. Is this hell?

Nearly 100 visitors in just 9 days!!! Joy!!

Pete smells!!

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