Friday, March 15, 2002

Another thing I found while I was going through my Europe stuff was a letter from AJ I got the day I came home. Basically it says he isn’t going to berate me as it might upset me more and that (and I quote) : I could probably forgive you for what you have done but I could never forget. AJ, just another casualty of my run away attempt. I publicly apologise to him here.

I had to suffer the most annoying taxi driver ever yesterday in almost one breath he managed to insult tall people and gay people. Why are people so homophobic?

I went out last night with Laura. It was fun even if attendance is really beginning to fall!! Pete has gone to visit Sam in Lincoln. Anyhow Laura and I went to Gees to see some band and to see the barman. For those in distant parts the comfy chairs are GONE!! Its just a wooden floor now for the band and Ray.

Sam and Pete managed to annoy me by suggesting things about Laura and I. Well I would like to suggest certain goings on between Sam and Pete. Who is paying for Pete’ travels to Lincoln? Sam!! Gosh could it be another couple?!

Got home around eleven to discover Tony being a drama queen as we had mouse in the house (Scooby D brought it in). He left it to me to wait for the cats to kill it and take it out (it was injured so I thought a quick end would be best). Scooby was dead proud of himself, his first kill!! I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more of his presents over the coming weeks.

Woke up this morning to discover my room busy with activity, there was my mum listening to Marilyn Manson and proclaiming her love for him, my sister dressed as a princess and my brother , dressed as a karate master brutely abusing Honey bear. I have to tell you Honey now has a ripped armpit. :o(

Having a nice time at work, the day isn’t that nice but its cool and its a Friday!!

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