Saturday, March 09, 2002

Well so its one year since Melly died. Seems so much longer. I miss her. Her jokes, her laughter, her sheer unadulterated loveliness.
God bless you Melly-Mels.

I went out bowling last night and came second. Zoe won. Chris, Pete and Zoe's friend Annie were also there. After a fun game of bowling we went to Pizza Hut where we argued over what we were going to have for what seemed like ages, Chris made fun of the camp waiter (who had really nice eyes) and me Pete tried to cause a scene by arguing loudly.

Pete did cause a scene, he claimed a whole load of ballons as his own. Which we had to fight to fit them into the boot. We failed and so ballons streamed out of the back as we drove. We dropped off Annie and joined Laura, her friend Zoe V, Elliot and Kim at Gees.Pete then gained infamy by giving his ballons as a gift to Vicky and Sally the bar maids.

I have decided that by Easter I shall pull a rude boy. Its part of a bet of sorts that Laura and Pete set me. I shall succeed (should that be suckceed? ;) ) I am determined to. I have also decided I will go see the next series of Graham Norton and I will tell one of my many disgusting stories. Some people have ambitions to save the world. I don't.

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