Friday, March 22, 2002

Merry Meet

I have upgraded my blog to Blogger Pro (now that others are getting blogs I need to make mine more appealing). Expect pictures and annoying midi tunes soon!!

Any way it’s Steven’s birthday tomorrow. He will be twenty years old. He’s only a year and a bit older than me but the way he treats me you’d think I was some naive chicken just out of diapers. (ah!! I’m being Americanised, it’s nappies not diapers!). That’s one of the many reasons I fell out of love with him. I am extremely scared about the need to be intimate (not sex!! Just kissing!!) with him. I don’t think I can (nor should be) false with him.

There has been a lot of clamour of the coming global warming/ice age in the press of late after the Larsen B ice shelf incident. Now I’m Wiccan and certainly advocate recycling and pollution control but we must understand that the Earth is at the moment cooler than it has ever been outside an ice age!! Evidence is starting to suggest that the environmental changes are in fact completely natural!! Environmentalists need to stop with the scare tactics and focus on educating people to respect Gaia and to stop using cars for pointless journeys. Plus educate Mr. (he is not worthy of the title of President any more) Bush to start respecting his God.

As you may realise since I’ve upgraded my account to Pro I have a credit card!!! The gang are all back tomorrow so last night at Gees Band Night was the last outing for the Hardc0re 3 for a while. :0( Time for me to prepare for an increase in bitchiness, unhappiness and gossiping. I hate it when it all kicks off. Why can’t people just get on?

The hotel is very busy today (no we don’t have guests!!) I’m sorting out the final web site, some loyalty cards, menus, stationary, etc. Theres a party coming in for lunch and dinner (why?! Its 15 bps a head per sitting!!). And none of us are yet paided!!

Women can be way too emotional sometimes. I'm currently arranging a wedding reception here on the 20th of April. Fine I thought just get the O'Sheas (the orgainisers) to send me a complete list of the rooms they need. Ha!! They haven't so I started getting calls for individual bookings from their friends and family. I told them I couldn't guarantee their room as I was waiting for the O'Sheas list.

So long story short I got a sobbing phone call from the bride-to-be shouting abuse at me telling me she was paying good money for this and the rooms should be guaranteed. I told her plainly that if her and her betrothed were too lazy to get me the details (I've asked them 3 times) then the rooms weren't to be guarenteed. She apologised saying she didn't realise. And promised to get the details to me soon. If she hadn't been so rude by not getting me the details this would not of happened. Lazy people. It really upset me,I don't like being verballly abused. It's just not how British people should behave.

Merry Part

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