Friday, March 29, 2002

D-Day: The Good Friday Offensive

Its a particularly nice and sunny day today (despite the fog that covers everywhere else).

Today is the day. A large party arrives for a meal and to stay for 2 nights, its all hands to the pumps. Last minute checks are being carried out, the food is being brought everyone except me is losing their rag. Now I know my job is likely to be lost anyway why stress over arrangements. I’m going about things in a logical unhurried way things will get done. Just a little less quickly.

OK I’d like to wish everyone a peaceful Good Friday. I don’t celebrate the day (beyond scoffing Hot Cross Buns!) but I agree with its message of peace and hope completely specially when the Israelis and the Palestinians are having another dangerously childish quarrel (“Mum! Dad! Arafat is being nasty to me again!”)

OK I had a conversation with Jelena (she is back still no Singh though and where’s Chelsea?) about Thailand and she has made me want to go even more. Now before you tell me how passè Thailand is, how nasty and cheap and filled with tourists it is, I already know. But how can I become a snobby traveller who complains about everywhere, (“Afghanistan is so last year darling, the new hot destination is Somalia”) if I don’t go? How can I complain about how crowded Bangkok is, or how the whole country is one big human market if I have not seen it? It’s the place you must go if you are going to have any credibility as a hardcore traveller.

I went out last night after much angry swearing at any one who would listen about Pete and Chris. They (Pete blames Chris entirely) messed me around and so I didn’t get to Gees till after nine. Anyway the band was rubbish, the barman looked cute with a new pair of glasses (they are so sexy), and it was an OK night.

Stephen may be coming down today o tomorrow (I’m actually looking forward to it!)

Found this blog while trawling through Google yesterday: (the things I find) Idiote My blog of the day as it were.

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