Thursday, March 28, 2002

11:47a.m. The End of the Affair

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me, Jacqui the bar manager and Roberto the chef that Faulty Towers is a sham. I don't quite understand it but it appears that Mr. Lambert and Josie will be following the last owners and running off to France (permanently) some time after the O'Sheas wedding on April the 20th.

They have betrayed us. Roberto left a highly paid job to come and work here. I have debts to repay. Jacqui has children. Bish is an asylum seeker he can't afford not to work. And what would I call my blog without the hotel?!

And to top it of a lady came in today for a decision on whether she can be....... receptionist. I await the result but my days are number.

Stephen phoned. Scary thing is I've been worried about him and why he wasn't answering his phone. He is okay though coming down soon, may meet my mates (yes Pete, Laura that means you!!)

I knew persistence would pay off........ a picture of MT on this website the very last picture (no he isn't the old guy!). This internet thing just gets better and better.

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