Tuesday, March 12, 2002

My message board isn't working. I don't know why but if it isn't working by this evening I'll have a look at the html code.

Last night was odd. I was working late and Mr. Singh came down to see me. After complaining that the chandelier didn't have enough light bulbs he asked me to go to his room. I was more than worried. I went with him but found he only wanted someone to talk to. He is lonely away from his wife, family and country. To top it off Mr. Lambert has it in for him. He has gone from company director to nothing in less than a week. His room is small and unclean. No wonder Bish has befriended him. But Bish is soon to go as well, branded a traitor by Mr' Lambert.

Its my day off!!! Oh I'm being so lazy today. To top it off my mobile is out of power (my chargers at work) so I can't be bothered by anybody. Except Josie of course who worred that someone had stoled her phone. No Josie I have commandeered it as my new modem line. I can be very practical when I want to be!

As people may have noticed I'm continuing my improvements to the site. If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to put them on the message board below when its working.


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