Saturday, March 02, 2002

Dear Blog,
Time for another update. Firstly last night went to a quiz at the Girls School with Sean, Zoe, Peter, Chris and Elliot. Needless to say we didn't win, me and Pete promptly retired to Gees where we failed to reinact the spirit of the hard core three without Laura. But we got very drunk in the process.
At work this morning I found that one of the doors windows had been smashed. I found out Room 21 did it attmpting to get. Then I discovered that the toilet had overflowed in room 12 causing a flood in the office.
While I was casually mind my own business in reception I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Upon turning to look I saw the cute muscular soldier walking towards me with only his boxers on. Barely able to talk I asked him what he wanted and he asked me to get him some breakfast. Breaking policy I rushed around like mad to meet his request. I am just way too shallow. There is no way an old granny would get that treatment from me!!!
Anyway after the eyecandy treat I tried to relax (hard when Jackies 9 year old daughter was annoying me).
That was when Sarahs (see previous entries) confused mum (she is still recovering from a mugging) walked in claiming Sarah wanted to see her here. An hour later I finally got Sarah to come pick her up.

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