Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Firstly hello Tony. What are you doing looking at my blog? Please respect my privacy from now on. I do know exactly when you log on to this blog, from where, what pages you look at, for how long and even where you go when you finish. To prove my point you loged on at 2.30 and 5.03 yesterday afternoon seeing a total of eight pages.

Secondly I seem to be becoming afternoon barman at Sybil's. I even have a regular set of blokes who come in while I'm on duty and bore me to death with they "amazing" stories of life in prison, the women they have had sex with and the time they unknowingly slept with underaged girls (but didn't stop when they found out). Its sick. Its so right wing. I refuse to put up with it any more. So I'm going to launch my crusade against right wing straights. I hate them and shall not suffer them any more. Sun "readers", if thats what some describe them as, are my first target for some heterophobic persecution. Arsenic in the drinks? Antrhax in the peanuts? If only I wasn't a Wiccan!! (sorry about the rant but I'm in a ranting mood what right do these people have to make me feel unhappy?)

As part of my return to Wicca I give up alcohol, and caffeine. People may scoff but I have done it before and doubters shall see I am brutely serious about this. I already feel much better, just as I used to, happier and far more fun!! Its my day off so I'm going in for some fairly intense lying down and doing nothing.

(a bit later) OK I am far more peaceful now. I don't hold any hate for heterosexuals or anyone really. In fact I'm going to be as nice as possible to all those I used to hate. A lack of understanding on my part of their point of view is no excuse to become a mini gay Hitler now is it? I've got to get back to being my previous nice, calm, happy Wiccan self I used to be back in the day.


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