Sunday, April 27, 2003

Places I Have Never Been

I did manage to get to Canterbury yesterday, after much faffing around on my part! I am so disorganised. Anyway... Gareth picked me up from Folkestone Central and after a brief stop at his house in Ramsgate we headed for town. We went into the Spoons (another one... I do get around!!) near the Bishops Finger, then headed down to Oranges (I apologise I don't remember the names, will update later with them) where I had a JD, then to another pub just down from HMV and then to a bar a bit closer where I had a Brain Hemorrage (sp?) (the drink not the medical emergency!).

Then we got to another bar, where we were cornered by an old man with a big nose who started telling us what I am guess to be an amusing story. It went something like " *mumble* right *mumble* right *mumble* had an irish accent * mumble and amused smile* right?" it went on like that for about 5 minutes while me and Gareth attempted to think up ways of getting away!

Off to Bar 11 we went, where I had another JD (eek), and Gareth attempted to persuade me the barman was cute.... I don't think so..... hehe....

Went to the second Spoons of the night... saw Stephen there and got a few really bitchy looks from his mates. Once they all left me and Gareth stole their seats, eyed up a couple of cute guys, and Gareth failed to persuade me to go to the Biz.

As we headed to the taxi Gareth defo got cruised by cute guy in denim (phwoah!), but refuses to believe me saying things like "Maybe he just saw me staring at him" and "Do you think he was cruising you?" (ha!). Got a taxi back to Ramsgate (£25... eek... I owe Gareth money), had another final drink of vodka at his house, he made me scrambled egg on toast (mmm....), we watched some porn (bad musak!), then Toy Story (second time in less than a week!). Finally fell asleep about 4.30 in morning.

Today got up, we got train to Canterbury West to retrieve Gareths car. He gave me a lift home... I had a roast... delivered Lib Dem Leaflets (with Angel, Beth and George in tow... why did Angel follow me round the whole estate??) then sat and watched music telly with Angel on my lap (the word clingy comes to mind!)..

Hocus Pocus is on in mo!!! YAY!

Oh.. in an interesting coincidence of sorts... gareth knows Jon O.... funny huh?

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