Thursday, April 03, 2003

If This Ain't Love

My trip to London this weekend seems to be about as likely as the Palestianians and Israelis living in peace. Possible but not bloody likely! Which is a shame. I don't quite know why it may not go ahead. Just haven't heard anything from the people I am supposed to be staying with, and my funds, thanks to that bout of flu are low/non existent.

I am going out with Becky tonight, to catch up, and have some Stella.... mmm....

I am still coughing like a maniac (and Jason, what does that mean??).

I really can't wait to have my own place. There'll be a stock of Jack Daniels, Stella, and Diet Coke. No computer for a while, which means no blogging!!! Eek.... And no cats, which means no smelliness! Well ok, it means LESS smelliness. Oh and I will be free to bring blokes back to my place and do what I want, which I haven't been able to do since I was 16/17.

I had a long phone conversation with Stephen last night, during which I became aware just how much I owe that boy! When we first started dating I
was completely unassuming, quiet, and I was adamant that I was Jason firstly, and being gay was just an insignificant part of me.

Now? Thanks mainly to Stephen, I am loud, camp, and I am adamant that I am gay and Jae is just an insignificant part of that. But he did say that I had changed him slightly. Hmm...

Just got back from Bill's house with the sliding gates and the hugeness... who needs 3 sofas in one room???

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