Sunday, April 13, 2003

When I Was A Young Warthog

OK so after work on friday I went off to Snodland for Little Tonys 15th birthday. Scarily I can remember the day he was born! Mum, as is the family tradition embarassed him throughly (Simpson's birthday cake, improptu "Happy Birthday" and many photos of his "ghetto" tough guy friends blushing... mwhahaha). The got back and my guardian angel (formerly known as Zoe, but as she is so lovely and keeps giving my lifts I've given her a promotion) rescued me from Lympne and we went to Spoons where we met up with arron, Rob, Elliot and John. Loads of cute guys there (or was I delirious?) and saw peoples like Mark Courts from school.

Yesterday got up, got train to Waterloo East, managed to force myself not to join in the pointless anti-war protest (I am always up for a good protest) and got funky new train to Petersfield, which had no leg room but didn't smell... a definete improvement. Met Jon in Petersfield. he's a really great funny, intelligent bloke. And his dogs (Jerry, A Spaniel and Vil, a Dalmation) are ssssooo cute. We chatted, watched TV, got an Indian from a really cute bloke who couldn't count, drunk, watched a realy, really bizarre movie, got to bed around 2.30 am.

Stephen left a message on my answer phone, he sounded depressed.

Jons bed was very comfortable!!! Loads of duvet.

Got up this morning, watched start of marathon on telly. Got train to Waterloo. Eyed up blokes on train who looked very scared. (mwhahaha) Got to London, managed to force myself not to go watch marathon for real. Got home. Very tired and slightly insane (the usual)

Just phoned Stephen who was very down. He is back in Canterbury and bored. Promised to go see him on Saturday.

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