Friday, April 11, 2003

Pretty Cool, There's Nothing To Be Scared Of

So last night I had a bit of an early night, after a mobile conversation with Jon (a whole new Jon, I know this is getting very confuzzling for me too!) who I am going to Petersfield to visit on Saturday.

It's pay day today!!! Yay!! I can hardly wait, it's felt like I was back at Faulty Towers, or unemployed for the last two weeks. I had become used to being able to afford stuff, and to be able to do things!

When I go over to monthly pay I am going to have a month of Hell! Yes next week will be my last weekly pay! Then I've got to survive a whole month without pay! Eek! But once that is over hopefully I'll get into the routine of monthly pay.

OK if I am going up to Waterloo East on Saturday and coming back on Sunday what would the best ticket be for me to get? Do they do two day returns or is just three days?

Hmm.... everyone else in the office gets to view sexy pics of men, but no one sends them to me! :o( God darn it!

And finally...... he is back!

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