Monday, April 14, 2003

You Underestimate My Randomness

Last night, despite being tired beyond belief, I went out to Gees with Zoe. I managed to find some crappy songs on the jukebox that I hadn't played before. Amazing but true. Spotted Viva La Radio by Lolly and have made a note to play that next time.... mwhahaha.... Zoe read a magazine called SHE. Most scary..... women saying things like "I have sex about once a month, but could do with less". VERY SCARY! Only one woman was sane.... "We have sex at least nine times a week" You go girl!!

Anyway here is the rough plan for the month ahead, very much subject to changes, which I organised yesterday......

Laura is home on Thursday!! Yayness and a half..... are any other uni bods back soon? Pete what are you up to?

This coming Saturday I am working till 14.00 and then I will make my way to Canterbury to see Stephen and cheer him up a little as he is down. I have Good Friday and Easter Monday off and still get paid!! Yay!

The following Saturday I will be heading for London during the day for a drink with a bloke named Ben (another one) and then heading to Canterbury in the evening for a drink with a guy named Gareth. Highly random... much funness....

Then the Friday after that I am heading off to River near Dover for a party organised by Carrie, one of the Eurotunnel supervisors. Don't quite know how I am going to get home that night... but hey who cares about details!!! Not me!!

Oh by the way.... it's the first day of my new job.... same as the old job.... I have already had new temps come and sit with me... I'm training already

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