Saturday, April 19, 2003

Do I Have To Change My Name?

OK so last night I went out to Spoons with Zoe, Laura (home at last, but soon jetting off to New York), John, Elliot, Annie (hi Constant Reader), Gem, Arron, Rob, Kim and Claire. It was fun, specially as there were lots of people for once.

Spent most of yesterday downloading such classic theme songs as Raggy Dolls, Wizbit (my oh my!), Trap Door, Duckula, Wonder Woman, Henrys Cat, and (oh I saved the best for last!) Supergran. I also scarily discovered that my memory of a sitcom about an elderly Jewish ghost was, unfortuntely real. The show was called So Haunt Me.

Today work was hell. Customers whinging and whining and complaining. Eek... Tony's mum is coming to stay... fun. She is like a woman in the car advert who can't find anything nice to say about anyone.

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