Monday, April 21, 2003

Coz You Shouldn't Treat Him Like A Toy

I am ssssoooooo bored. Just thought I'd let you know.

Zoe came and picked me up, and we headed to Gees with a view to some DVD watching later on. We got there and it was absolutely empty. Except for the barman. I thought we'd probably only stay for one drink... it was that bad! Then (and Zoe I must apologise if this inconvienced you in anyway) Ben sent me a text saying he was in town for one night only. Before I knew it he was there. It wasn't exactly that much fun. But it was nice to see Ben again.

Then I returned home, and David and his girls were still there and seemed to have taken over my room. I managed to sulk long and hard enough for them to retreat. Ha! I don't do "family" as the "family" don't really do "gay people". A small victory for me. A lot people seem to hold their families in such high regard. I have never understood this. My family are just the people who brought me into this world. They mess ya around, expect you to respect them without showing any signs of giving you respect, and are most dull.

Ok... so those aren't the real reasons.... I hold a grudge towards every last one of them for how they treated me when we were all in the hospital as Melly died... I shall NEVER forgive them... they made me look after their children while they got to grieve... and they told me "No" I couldn't say goodbye to my Melly.

So I truely hope each one of them burns in HELL.

Eek... I think I have some issues...

Zoe will be round in a minute with some DVDs.

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