Thursday, April 24, 2003

These Are The Hands We're Given

SARS is beginning to look very worrying indeed see here. But no need to worry... there isn't much we can do really now is there.

If I were you I'd worry more about letting this kind of freak into your national government. Now listen American voters... being anti-gay, racist, anti-Semetic mean that a person is not mentally capable of leadership. The values of strength, honesty, tolerance, and self-confidence are lacking from all such candidates... and they ain't Christian either!!

Also note to Americans vote for us and don't lock up children it ain't nice!. People often say every ones anti American. We're not! Just a little worried about ya! I loved America once... Land Of Liberty etc. So come on... lead us into the light! Otherwise I may have to come over there and, well, get on ya nerves and stuff...

I had a team meeting today which was quite good. For the first time I felt part of a team working towards some goals, and felt the company was actually organised! Which was nice!

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