Friday, April 18, 2003

Don't You Open That Trapdoor

I do understand that this case is probably "just" some trumped up charges to silence someone the Malaysian Government doesn't like. But still. Anti-sodomy laws are the STUPIDIST laws ever. How does a consenting sexual act, between two adults, constitute a crime? Especially one that can bring a nine year prison sentence (that's more than the six years Anwar got for corruption!).

And in brief in Guardian: A Cairo court yesterday jailed 14 men for one to three years for homosexual activities, one of their lawyers said. AP, Cairo. Why?? Why expend all this money and time keeping them incarcerated??

And here is another example of time wasting, and stupidity in the worlds legislatures.....

OK straight people. Here we go. Stop Being Stupid! Get over it. Yes I know it's hard. What will you find to do with your time? Not talk to your family, or have fun, or work harder, or better yourself, surely?

Oh and straight men. instead of worrying about all the sex we are getting, go get yourself some!! OK?

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