Friday, April 11, 2003

All The Things I Could Do

So the war in Iraq is at least decided, not won, but we know who will win. Unfortunately... oops... the Coalition forgot they would need to replace Saddam's order with their own kind. Just a minor error of course, I mean mob rule, looting and murder isn't really that bad now is it? Oh wait that's little different to being ruled by a mobster, and brutally murdered and repressed.

Freedom indeed, I never knew that G. W. was an anarchist.

It is pay day today. Thank the Gods! Mmm... phone credit, alcohol, and debt repayments. Music to my ears! Repaying my debt is starting to give me a very fulfilling feeling. I keep making bigger payments, because I know how good it will be to finally get it over with .My mission is to now pay off my debts by my 20th birthday. That's the 18th of June.

And once that is done... I shall retake back my credit card, pay it off, remove my Mum from access to it, stop payments to AOL for the folks account (on which I am restricted to Teen content, bah! And yes my credit card pays for it!), then either hide it, or tear it up. Deadline: end of July.

And once that's done I shall pay off my overdraft. And then...... I will be free....... free I tell ya!!! I'll save up a little and consider my options... go back to uni, go travelling, stay at work here in Folkestone in my own flat, or find a new job, in a new town, and make a new life for myself. Deadline: November

The possibilities are endless

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