Saturday, April 05, 2003

Gay Men Are Just Strange

God. I chat to a lot of men on the net. Mainly they are just replying to my silly messages, and we have a very silly conversation about pepsi or how Tony Blair is a pimp or something similar. But some are just scary. Very scary.

Like the bloke who goes "So if you don't want sex what do you want?? Maybe I should delete you." "Go on then" I say as my profile clearly states I DON'T want sex. Then he goes "But I don't want to" Then why say it??? Why be such a baby?! God give me strength.

Or the blokes who claim they love me. It's like... "hello! You have never met me, and you certainly don't know my past, so why say that"

A year ago I probably would of been round their house, having sex, and saying "Isn't this fun?" Now I just find it really creepy.

Particular fears: people who describe themselves or their intended shags as "genuine, decent, regular, sane". These are not things to be proud of!! They scream boring, impersonal, closeted, secretive, scary. And what the fuck does genuine mean???

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