Friday, April 04, 2003

You Get What You Give

I went out last night to the Leas Club, with Becky, Terri and a girl from London named Sue. It was fun, although I always seem to end up knowing way more stuff than I want to know!! Eek!! I hate having to come out to people. There I was expressing my support of some girl who slept around in a kind of "You go girl" kind of way and Sue thought I was expressing some desire to sleep with the slutty girl. Then, of course I had to explain myself, that no I didn't want to sleep with her, but was just expressing solidarity.


But Terri did give me a lift home... yah!!!

God I need a boyfriend. I am simply not being satisfied as is. I need regular sex, or I will go absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!!! No really.... every time I have ever gone loony, I have most certainly not been getting enough. See scientific or what?? Note to self: clean up dirty, repulsive mind, or find way of expressing it without grossing out everyone else in world

Have decided that I can't afford to go to London or out in Canterbury as planned. I have NO money until next Friday. I am going to be bored! No sex, no fun, no drinking.... aaaaahhhhh.....

The Interview

I didn't really know how it went. Then at the end of my shift I was taken to a back room with Stacey and Patricia, and we were all excepted for a permanent job!!!! Yes as of the 14th I will no longer be a slave/temp!!! *does little dance*

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