Thursday, April 17, 2003


Hmm..... I can either get paid to have tomorrow off or work tomorrow. Decisions, decisions. I can't think which one I will choose.

Stephen phoned yesterday (shock horror! He never phones me!). I am no longer going to see him as he is going to church Saturday night. Grrr.... He really gets on my nerves sometimes. He takes way too much credit for making me who I am. He knows NOTHING about me. He tells me all about his latest shags and then tells me to live a little when I say "Oh I've spent the week working, and then me and Zoe went to Gees". It's like you meet people and let em do you. I meet them, chat with them, and sometimes have sex with them. He barely travels out of Zone 1 (central London). I go places! I do stuff! I have friends, I hate it when he makes it sound like I have no life.

Sure I don't lead a life completely based around sex. I have sex on a fairly regular basis. And I don't go to CHURCH like a certain someone! His phone call made me all depressed and annoyed. What right does he have to judge me, based on the highly limited amount of stuff he knows about me?

Somewhere along the line Stephen turned into a queen. Shallow, slutty (not in the good way, in a really needy way), and really boringly normal (by gay standards). I am trying to remember what he was once like when I first started going out with him. I really can't.

Despite aving been in my job for two months I was left in charge of the training area today. This is known as floorwalking and just involves me sitting with the trainees and taking any calls off them that they find too difficult. So I did nothing. How did I go from temp to trainer in such short a time??

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