Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Summer Days Drifting Away

OK so in the most exciting incident in Lympne since the Romans left (or, should that be, since the last time one of the zoo keepers got eaten by a tiger/squashed by an elephant which is also quite exciting, in a gruesome way, I 'spose), the Location, Location, Location team were filming just across the street from my house yesterday!! Mum saw them but didn't take pics with the digicam goddam it!! Oh my God!! Mum spent all day trying to tell people but they didn't know what she was talking about. Until she told me (a fellow Channel 4 Homes obsessive!) and I went "WOW!!!!" He he...... I did contemplate having day off work to see if they came back for a second viewing as they are apt to do. Yeah, I know, I am very sad! Mum then spent the rest of the day chasing a 6 foot bunny around a farm after some Easter eggs! Put me in mind of Frank from Donnie Darko.

It was really nice yesterday... and it's even nicer today.... so hot! The air conditioners have sprung into action!

Last night I went out to Bar Vasa with Zoe and John, we sat outside and it was lovely. I saw Jon from OUT there... Hi Jon! (not to be confused with Jon I saw at the weekend!). I was also spotted by Patricia's boyfriend too.... ah... fame indeed.

Oh just heard the TV crew were also in Saltwood over the elusive Sams way...

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