Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Cellar Door

My Donnie Darko obsession continues! I think I am close to having a basic understanding of the movie, thanks to some websites, and Zoe sending me the script. Phew... may buy the DVD, just to satisfy my curiosity!

It looks like that instead of going to Luton at weekend for sex, I'll be going to Petersfield for a quiet drink. Which is much preferred by me. Yes I know I really need a good shag... but I want it with someone I actually want to be with, like be with FOREVER! *all eligible men run for cover*

I am still poor!!! I really can't wait for Friday and money, and money = freedom. Yay! OK ..... can anyone enlighten me as to where Petersfield is???? I know the trains to catch once I am in London but not the actual whereabouts of the place!!!!! I hear it's about an hour outside London.

Will be spending Saturday night down there, but still have Friday night free, so anyone wanna do anything? *Jae crosses fingers and chants "Sexy Bouncer Is At The Leas Club"*

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