Saturday, April 26, 2003

Not So Trashy Ashford

I went out last night with Claire, John and Adam to Ashford. And had a really good time, thanks guys! It was so nice to be out somewhere different for a change. We went to the local Wetherspoons (a home from home!) which was cool. One of the bar man looked like Charlie from Busted except had bigger arms (swoon) and a nicer bum. Well worth going!

Then we wandered along randomly to another pub, the Man Of Kent, which was also pretty cool.

I am not going to London today. I blame an organisational melt down. Still hopefully going to Canterbury tho.

Am disillusioned with Lib Dems. They are just as bad as the rest. Looked at Green Party but they are too passive for my liking.

And Grrrrr.....

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