Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Gay Pride Posts

Given that it is Pride season, here are my pride posts from throughout the years:

My first pride was 2003 London pride. I was 20. I might have been out on the scene for years but I had somehow missed out on the events of pride. Firstly, from reading the post and knowing what happens in the future, I was a cruel and heartless bitch to Stephen that day. I want to say I was hanging with the wrong crowd but that's no excuse. Sorry Ste!!

Secondly, Gareth was boring. BORING. What did I ever see in him? He wouldn't even join the parade. Plus he spent the whole time perving over Ben, and I don't think we were quite at that point in our relationship yet if you know what I mean.

Ben, Gareth, Me and Jon

Highlights: Ben. He's always a highlight. Tina C. Free porn.

Lowlights: Sitting in Gareth's front room while he and Jon sorted through clothes thinking "What on Earth am I doing with these people??".

Brighton Pride 2003! I'm not going to lie to you. Brighton Pride (at least back then) beats London Pride HANDS DOWN! Oh look... NO GARETH. Boring.

Ben, Jon and the ever lovely Zoe!!

Highlights: Being back in Brighton for the first time since the bad stuff. Being at pride with Ben and Zoe. The glitter (honestly Jon and Zoe spent the next year finding glitter in their cars from Ben!!). The randomness.

Lowlights: NONE. It was fandabbydozzy!

London Pride and the first Big Gay Out 2004

I was in my "BLAH!" stage at this point. If readers think I moan a lot now, they should all read the posts between November 2003 and October 2004. All 5 of them. ;) Rants all of them.

Highlights: Making up for last year with Stephen. Ben. Pete, the EXTREMELY gorgeous boy. Sam Fox on stage. The suicide pact with Pete when McFly came on.

Lowlights: Grumpy Jae. Silly Big Gay Out being very boring. McFly not taking off their clothes and making love on stage which is the only thing that would have saved their act.

Soho Pride 2004: This was frigging weird. I think I dreamt it all. I certainly can't find a blogpost about it. Me, my date (a tiny but sexy black policeman called Alex) met up with Tom (my scary stalker at the time) and hilarity failed to ensue. WEIRD.

Brighton Pride 2004: (August 7th) Erm... I have no blogpost!!! Well here's the lowdown. One Mister Jim FAILED to show up because he had to go to America for work or some such excuse so our first ever meeting was postponed. Met up with Mark from Croydon who I've only actually met a few times but he used to work at the BBC and put messages from me on their sports TV feed at the bottom of the screen (made up ones of course, but he livened up Wimbledon for me!!). It was... very lonely but fun in it's own way. Remember sitting on the very long train journey home thinking life couldn't get much worse. Little did I know good things were just around the corner.

London Pride 2005

Jim's first pride!! It was low key, in a classy and good way.

Highlights: Jim

Lowlights: Not enough bags of free handouts taken. No Ben.

Europride in London 2006

It was a world cup year so Meredith, Sam America and I headed out on a gay adventure taking in football at the old Ku Bar and the pride parade.

Highlights: Half naked footie supporters stumbling into pride events.

Lowlights: Lots of queuing to see boring football to please Sam America. Not gay enough. No Ben. No Jim.

2007 was my first prideless year. Why? Erm... I had better things to do!

London Pride 2008 and my pictures!

Frankie and Christine accompanied me to pride in 2008 and I educated them in the art of blowing rainbow whistles and attaching pink Union flags to railings. And also had to help some pride stewards hold Frankie back from attacking some poor innocent Christian fundamentalists who were telling us we were going to Hell. Good times.

Highlights: Naked men.

Lowlights: Not gay enough. Boris Johnson.

So really... even though I think Pride has gone massively down hill even in the few years I've been going, I really should go this coming Saturday. Just for old times sake.

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