Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Brother Blues

The housemates this year are, quite possibly, the least fun and most grumpy people ever placed in the Big Brother house.

Charlie pisses me off. He does silly, malicious little childish things (like throwing water over Angel). When this upsets his victim he does the one thing I can't stand; apologises and then when his victim doesn't accept his apology to his satisfaction turns it around on them and decides they are being difficult. Sorry Charlie, people shouldn't accept apologies just to make someone feel good. If you are going to do stupid, childish things, then stand by them like a man!

Lisa is an uber-bitch. She gets involved in every argument and if anyone DARES suggest that they have a different opinion to her (like Halfwit) she lectures them on not lecturing her (pot calling kettle) and storms off like a 5 year old. And she hangs out with the wrong sorts. And she likes Sree. Ewww...

I thought Noirin might be a little ray of hope. I had hated her on her VT but the way she handled Sree endeared her to me. Sadly as soon as BB let her stop drawing glasses on her face she turned into a new queen bee and a bitch.

Siavash is just boring and rather than being an individual is a bit of a follower of the crowd.

Karly and Dogface are the sort of girls I just DO NOT associate with in the real world. Airheads who bitch and whine (a lot like I'm doing here, but I've got a blog so it's ok [hypocrite!]) and are just generally dumb.

Kris is the male version of Karly and Dogface.

Rodrigo is bland. Marcus is coasting through. Sree is Scary Sree, nuff said (WTF how did he not get nominated??). Halfwit talks rubbish.

I'm putting BB10 on probation. One more week and if there isn't someone nice in there then I'm giving up.

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