Sunday, July 04, 2004

Hmm... the best laid plans and all that!

So the plan for yesterday went something like this in my head:

Go watch the Pride Parade and listen to speeches by such heroes of mine as Ken and Peter Tatchell. Then briefly pop into Big Gay Out and see Ste, then head on my lonesome to Gay Shame to have some fun.

The reality:

Got to London, and instead of going to the parade (you know, the bit that means something) I headed straight to Liverpool Street Station and met up with Ste, his boyfriend Scott and a guy named Pete (someone Ste was also meeting for the first time from Gaydar or somewhere). Went to Ste's flat and drunk lots, while Scott, Pete and I made fun of him,. He he...

Then we caught a bus, got lost in Finsbury park (don't ask!) and finally made it into the Big Gay Out. We did some shopping (I got a rainbow teddy who I have named Pride), and Ste and Pete bought leather collars with rings on (those for the uniniated are for their leads). On the bus I had started to like Pete, personality wise that is. Similar politics and life outlook. But when he put that collar on.... I realised just how GORGEOUS he was in his black hoodie, jeans, with oh so cute slightly messy black hair.

It didn't take me long to realise that when Ste had said a few days ago "Oh and a mate called Pete is staying over... and thats all I can say about that" he meant to say "A mate called Pete is coming over to get in a threesome with me and Scott". Which stopped me liking Pete so much.

Anyhew. Ste's mate Keith showed up followed by a guy named Nathan and some cute guy I forget the name of. They were all boring. Really boring. Or maybe thats me just being bitter. :os

Then Ben showed up, which was a marvellous surprise of funness! Or... not. Bless him, but he just reminds me of what I'm not: sexy, short, cool, can fit in with gayers. :o) I do love him tho (as a friend people!)

Then... Sam Fox came on stage and I went mad.... I LOVE HER! She has been my idol since i was 2 (no lie!). Ran up to stage with a camera and my camphone and started clicking away, singing and dancing.

Thats the only good thing that happened all day.

Tried to kill myself through Pops dance routine with a plastic bottle, but Pete wouldn't let me as he said he need me to kill Peter Andre when he came on stage. Also saw McFly, Natasha Bedingfield, Sugababes, and many other crap bands...

Made my excuses and left early, which seemed to upset Ben and Pete. Not in a grumpy way, but they seemed sad to see me leave.

Missed out Gay Shame, although did help a drunkern cute guy get to Leicester Square... my good deed for the day.

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