Sunday, July 27, 2003


Long post read it all.... or I'll.. erm.... write nothing forever more... mwhahaha... or you could read the shorter report from the Guardian here and check out some Photo's

So Friday Jon came and picked me up and we went to Gareths house, where we consumed three bottles of red wine, and he went thru possible outfits for Saturday. Ste phoned to say the people he was going with had stood him up. Normally I would have been sympathetic, but I had to face a few home truths. I am the only person who gets on with him. He can be cruel and very rude. And he would have ruined the day out for everyone, including me. So I told him straight that I had other plans. I thought I was cruel, but at least I told him before he got to London or anything.

Went to bed, Gareth got home from a works do, about 2.30 am. We all got up about 6 and started to get ready. Gareth drove us up to London, and we parked in a cheap 24 hour car park near Waterloo. I got a voice mail from Ste saying he was in London, getting his haircut and I should text him when I was ready to meet. hmm.... I did not reply. After an emergency find a toilet mission, we strolled into town, along the embankment, and got a Coffee Frapuchino (sp?) at Starbucks in Leicester Square. Then I went to Charing Cross to meet Ben, while Jon and Gareth strolled off to the start of the march.

Met Ben and we wandered down to find them. they told me how they had seen Josh Rafter (the word JEALOUS barely covers how I felt!) Ben disappeared to toilet. Returned with fake flowers adorning his shirt and left arm. I saw David Bull who is so sexy in the flesh. Mmm.... Lots of fun people everywhere (like the two drag queens with beards dressed as cleaning ladies who were hoovering the streets and dusting off the traffic lights)

The march started, with a huge gay pride flag. We watched it go by, Jon and Gareth weren't too keen on joining... I don't blame em, all tho I was eager to. Saw the OUT bus, and more fun people... Just then Ben decided we were going to join parade, and off me and him went trooping along with all the others. Jon and Gareth had to wait at Embankment for a mate. Me and Ben got bored by Trafalgar Square, and he was bored of mingers coming on to him, so we jumped a barrier, and headed for China Town in search of the others. Found Gareth, Jon, G's mate Greg and a random girl at West Central.

We wandered up to Hyde Park, catching the back end of the parade (60000 people can't be wrong!). Got there, I was torn between Pride and a small rebellious party called the Gay Mutiny.... Had to take pic of Ben with two soldiers... lucky boi! Got in, queued for drinks tokens. Waited around on grass for a mate of Jons called Sol. Good chance to scope. Mmmm.. gay men are far sexier than straight ones. After Jon said hello, we headed off for the main area.. saw Liberty X. (Kill Them... Kill Them All) and that blonde girl from Brookside. The main stage was being presented by the drag queen from Yankee Panky (loving her).

It did start to rain so we headed for a tent, dancey music blaring. Ben got a pic with a sailor. :op Got bored. The others headed for another dance tent while I... went to main stage watched Matt Bros (...when... will I... will I be famous??), and a political speech, drank loads of beer, and watched a footie match. They returned, and we watched more music (the rest of the acts we saw were Ultra Nate, Skin, Pete Burns and the Dead Or Alive Crew, Bananarama, and... erm..... Gina G.... all presented by Brian Dowling and Graham Norton). Went in the Drag tent, hosted by his loveliness Dave Lynn. Had a brill time in there... so funny. Am certain that the steward at the door was Pam Ann... hmmm....

Me and Ben found a stall for FREE PORN. Woo... Ben swapped some of his flowers for a red glitter cow boy hat, and decided to go topless despite it raining. Seemed to be quite a few children everywhere... only saw one with their parents tho... hmmm... Good to see so many gay men and women all in one place...

Anyway... at about the same time everyone decided it was too wet and muddy so a mass exodus towards Oxford Circus underground began. It was crazy in there.... on tube we were standing right next to those cleaning ladies we saw earlier... they were trying to start a sing along, in between complaining about how messy the tube was... Got off at Waterloo, went to car, everyone got changed in car park (lovely vision for the passersby I am sure!) and we headed back on to tube to Leicester Square). Twas pouring hard!! Went to the Yard for a drink. Jons mate Sol was there, along with some bloke called Phil (who said I was mature for my age.. must start being immature). We had an ok time (was very tired, very drunk, and very wet by this time). Got tube back to car park, said goodbye to Jon, Sol and Phil who were off clubbing in Brixton, and me, Gareth and Ben headed to Gareths house, via Essex (don't ask!). Ben was to stay the night. Slept soundly. Got up, and Jon turned up and gave me and Ben a lift back to Folkestone.

IT WAS A FAB WEEKEND. I know that I don't always look happy but I secretly am ok?

Hopefully pics will follow if I can get some scanned in. Lots of pics in fact...

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