Monday, June 22, 2009

Scary Sree's Days Are So Numbered

Halfwit might get on everyone's nerves but surely this week Scary Sree must receive the most votes come nominations. He has gone from being a weird, philosophising "Love Guru" to a crazy, bitchy stalker from hell in a matter of a week. His argument with Noirin the other night was a perfect example of how horrendous he is. Noirin and Sree attempt to talk about their problems. Noirin wants an apology from Sree for how he has been treating her. First he starts going on about Marcus, about how badly Marcus speaks to her. She persists and eventually, and we are talking minutes of him ranting, he comes round to make the most false, inappropriate apology in history before going off again about Marcus.

This boy is insane, in the very bad way, and very, very creepy. GET SREE OUT!!

P.S. Don't you just love how insane, in a good way, Angel is?

P.P.S. Rodrigo has gone from HOT fave to really annoying, miserable bastard. He needs to lighten up a little. Jeez.

So current faves: Noirin, Angel and Lisa (even if she is almost as moany as Rodrigo).

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