Thursday, June 04, 2009

Big Brother 10: Day One

Davina, the Big Brother house, the all seeing eye. Yes folks... it's summer time again!

The house is obviously pretty sparse given that this year they are going to be living without furniture, real food or any home comforts. So it's obviously a little boring although the phone intruiges me. So on to the non-housemates:

Freddie: a libertarian anarchist by the sounds of things. A bit of a knob. Hoping he answers the phone.

Lisa: A militant lesbian. She likes to "convert" straight people. Bless her. She is delusional.

Sophie: What is the capital of Paraguay? P. That answer is all you need to know about this model. She wants to live in the English White house as President of England?? She just made herself public enemy number one in Jae World (admission charge $100). She keeps making this really weird noise likes she's constantly clearing her throat, but sounding more like Chewbacca.

Kris: What's going on with facial hair here? I mean I like a bit of stubble but really guys... razors were invented for a reason. A weirdo misogynist who makes me look like an expert on women.

Noirin: Thinks she is beautiful. Worse she is. Even worse she thinks she's a Christian. What she is is a hypocrite! Christian my fucking arse!

Cairon: British by birth. American by accent. Has problems wiping his own arse by his own admission. This shall be fun. Each new non-housemate makes me like the last one more. And I don't like any of them...

Angel: It's a female, Russian boxer!!!!! She has the best six pack so far. Concerning. The slow entrance is always unpopular with the crowd.

Karly: Nasty, arrogant and totally unlikeable. She'll do well in the Sun.

Marcus: FACIAL HAIR LIKE WOLVERINE! Uber geek. A little arrogant but maybe interesting...

Beinazir: Wasn't Narinder a Pakistani Muslim? Hmm... me thinks Beinazir is stupid.

Sophia: Maybe she might be someone nice! Maybe. I'll judge later. Nicest so far anyway. Nope... she's a Eurosceptic. JUDGED. Found wanting.

Rodrigo: Aww... isn't he cute. He thinks "England" is turning him gay. No. BRITAIN is. Thank you. He goes to church every day? OH GOD. Closet case...

Charlie: A gay call centre agent, with a LOVELY bum. Me likes. Me likes a lot. he doesn't think he has a nasty bone in his body. Accept the one he put in his boyfriend last night. Oh dear... lol.

Saffia: Two children. By two different men. Don't call her a single Mum though. Grr... that's insulting my mother that is!

Sree: He obviously did not live in this country in the eighties. The Queen didn't go for walks down the street! Is he on drugs??

Siavash: He's on it like a mouse on cheese!! Watch out he's "eccentric". In that fake sort of way.

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