Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Day 9482: So Very Tired

I have spent about half a day for each of the last three days in training. After 9 months with the company I've learnt about our values, health and safety and HR Branding (still not so sure on this one). Interesting? Sort of, but it was good to meet allsorts of people from across the organisation, a few of whom were on all three of my courses so we got to bond a little. I do like that.

Yesterday I had the worst trip home with tube delays, crowded platforms and a tiny train to Greenwich. It was, however, momentarily brightened as the train pulled out of London Bridge and immediately drew to a stop. As I stooped, my face pressed up against the window in a "comical" fashion, I looked down onto the street below and saw two skater bois TOTALLY NAKED as they got changed on a side alley. Well there was a sight to cheer even my tormented commuting soul. For a few seconds anyway. P.S. nice arses bois!

Yoinked from Gay Boy Thailand

Tomorrow is the first day of the European Election (no that doesn't mean us Brits get a few days to vote, just tomorrow!!) so if you haven't voted (unlike me) then I demand you get up off your bum tomorrow and go place a cross in a box next to a party whose name is not the British National Party. Yes, I'll even allow you (aren't I kind?) to vote UKIP.

If you are in Shepway vote Lib Dem for town, district and county!!!!

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