Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My head hurts today having suffered a major attack of stupid people both at work and commuting. Glad to be home. But...

I finally got my giant desk! It does mean I now sit in a far corner anyone from anyone (hello internetz!) but it also means I can survey my realm from my new position. My legs protested for a time at the strange new angles they could move into but soon settled down when they discovered it was the proper way to be.

In other news, have you all seen the horrific news that EVIL seagulls have learnt of a new food source... live whale! Only those of us from beside the sea truly know the demonic intelligence that inhabits every seagull. Only they could conceive of this.

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  1. What really irritates me is tourists at the harbour in Nairn (a lovely place to sit in the car, looking out to sea) with their windows open dropping chips and other fast-foods out onto the ground for seagulls who, quite naturally throng around. I now can't be there for longer than two or three minutes without one of these creatures strutting across the bonnet or depositing their 'offerings' onto the car from the air.

    And it is foolish to walk through the dunes between where I live and the shore in Spring when they are protecting nests.

    Having said all this, the experiences of the poor whales illustrates 'nature in the raw', something which we humans are pretty ruthless about too, when it suits us. We didn't get to rule the planet (which we do, if you discount the insects and viruses that run us close seconds) by being all nice and cuddly.

  2. Oh don't worry, evil seagulls have nothing on us in the nasty stakes. We beat them hands down. I think if the whales go exist, it won't be because of the seagulls!

    You have my sympathies with regards to tourists and seagulls, although one of my favourite things used to be to sit and watch the foolish tourists in Folkestone (number one mistake: coming to Folkestone) eating ice creams and chips without protecting themselves and watching the seagulls swop in and steal them from their hands. Hilarious.