Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things To Smile About

1) My first birthday present: The War In The Air by H.G. Wells. Thanks to Mark from Kent who randomly bought this for me!! Firstly I'd like to express my deep embarrassment for never having read H.G. Wells before, and secondly express my absolute LOVE of this book. I must immediately buy all H.G. Wells books and he can replace Stephen King as my author of choice.

2) I saw Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus the other day!!

This is the first true English language kaiju eiga (that's monster movie for you and I). Forget that awful '90s Godzilla, or that post modern Cloverfield. Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus channels the heart and soul of such Japanese epics as Godzilla and Rodan.

Sure the acting goes from very bland, in the case of most of the main actors, to extremely appalling. This movie certainly is a rubbish B movie. But it's my kind of rubbish B movie and the scene when the giant shark takes down a plane (by jumping out of the water TO CLOUD HEIGHT!) is worth every second of terrible extras giving performances that show why their day job is waiting tables.

3) As I write this Rav Wilding is on Celebrity Masterchef.

Mmm.... sexy Kentish men.

4) Hilarity of this girl being stupid. She feel asleep while having her face tattoo'd???

5) I saw James from the Apprentice on the tube yesterday.

6) I've got a four day weekend from Friday :D

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  1. Can I recommend HG Wells' The Time Machine next? Forget Rod taylor and then that crappy recent remake... the original novel ROCKS! The ending still makes me cry.

    And thanks for the Rav Wilding photo... I think I have a teenage crush on him. Which is unfortunate, because I'm 45.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jae!

  3. Thanks Kenyo :D

    Bear, recommend away. If it's half as good as the War In The Air then I will love it!