Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Brother: Moany Cairon Has Left The House

The "titantic" struggle between Halfwit and Cairon is over, as Cairon was evicted from the house and showed us that he is a sulky, moany wimp. Bless him.

Inside the house things are also going swimmingly. Sree has gone from annoying "Love Guru" to psychotic stalker as he discovers Noirin does not share his feelings.

Angel has given up her hunger strike, and continues to display disturbing signs that she may, in fact, be borderline insane.

Karly has descended into her native Scottish, and I've resorted to getting Jim to translate words such as "hink" (think). Not that it's anything actually interesting as Karly has decided to go all post post-modernist on us and is an actual dumb blonde.

Rodrigo has absolutely zero personality and sadly very few brain cells. Which is a shame as he is so cute. His argument about not legalising drugs last night with Halfwit showed him up to be totally devoid of any thoughts of his own, simply regurgitating what he has been told.

Dogface likes Kris. Kris likes Dogface. Charlie likes Kris. That is about the whole of the story of the most boring love affair in the house since Darren and Marjorie the chicken in series one (to be fair that one was actually more exciting and touching). BORING. If Dogface or Kris actually had personalities and weren't just bland model types it might be a little more romantic.

Wolverine is turning into the letchy old man of the house, but seems alright otherwise. No one has so far suffered any injuries through adamantium claw incidents which can only be a good thing.

Lisa is a moany old cow isn't she? Jesus. But she's ok when she hasn't got some high horse to get on. Still liking her.

Is Halfwit really a Tory??? Surely the Conservative party should throw him out as this whole "summer of love" stuff seems more in keeping with the Greens.

Siavash is getting less interesting by the second.

So who comes out looking good at the end of this week? Noirin! Her handling of Sree has been delightfully low key, patient and dignified. You go girl!

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