Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Brother 10: Day Something Or Other

Saffia really rubs me up the wrong way. Her face is constantly set to "smug" and she is just one of those "troublemakers" who get all over the top if someone doesn't like you. Sophia had been ignoring her, did Saffia just leave it alone? No she moaned about it as if Sophia had no right not to like her. Saffia might not be the loudest one in the house but she is the one I want out the most.

Speaking of which... Cairon. I know he's only 18. I know he's not the brightest or most eloquent of housemates. But my God isn't he annoying? If he's not swearing, he's mentally undressing every girl in the house (sure I'd do the same with the guys but I'd be a bit more subtle and less demeaning about it) and talking dirty about them to Halfwit and Siavash. Faced with Sree's inept moves on the girls (more of which in a minute) Cairon immediately becomes all "alpha male" about it, which immediately makes me think "He's STUPID". Anyone in this 21st century who is not able to control their inner territorial, animalistic self must be a total twat. I'm not talking total control but God Cairon isn't man enough to get the girls himself but mopes around being jealous and muttering half hearted non-violent threats. We are only human but we have evolved the ability of self awareness!!

Oh Sree... I pointed out before his moves on the girls with his ever so not subtle palm reading trick. I was amazed no one had seen through him on the first day, but instead he managed to survive until just a day or so ago before the housemates began to realise that Sree is playing two games, both extremely badly. These are:

1) get the girls by pretending to be their friend and completely uninterested in having sex with them. This trick is older than time itself. I've known some guys who've pretended to be gay for YEARS in order to take this trick to an entirely new level. But Sree is sooooo bad at it. Yet the girls he's tried it on (hello Saffia, Karly and Dogface) had been falling for it like total numpties. They must make the Suffragettes want to resurrect themselves and reap revenge. Karly finally realised this only after Sree basically told her he likes it when she isn't being a slut. She instantly went to Cairon, who told her he enjoys her dressing scantily (strangely enough) and instantly also realised Sree's not so cunning plans. Foiled at last.
2) get everyone to like him. He is going about this in a similar fashion to his get into bed strategy... he goes around offering not so sage advice and making amusingly bad analogies. He calls Lisa a tree and suggests everyone else is just little plants around her, because she is an elder and thus deserving of respect (Sree obviously doesn't believe in respecting people on merit alone). He does make me laugh. But again... he is starting to rub people up the wrong way.

I might think he's cute but Sree is an overly religious, completely false and amazingly emotionally unstable housemate who needs to be told to act his age.

Rodrigo got all angry at Angel because she was too "negative" and began a rant about everyone being positive. Rodrigo then went and moaned about Angel in the kitchen, thus being all negative himself. Pot calling kettle. Come in kettle.

Rodrigo not only looks absolutely angelic when asleep (I could spend days watching that, which makes me feel very creepy lol) but has a great taste in nominations nominating Cairon and Siavash (the "lads" of the group).

So... Halfwit and Sophia are up for eviction... Halfwit isn't all that bad even if he easily falls under the influence of Cairon and Siavash. Sophia is a bit street and slightly weird but there are plenty of others I'd rather see go (SAFFIA!!). Given the problems some housemates had remembering each others names for nominations perhaps the votes were for Saffia and this is all a blunder. Fingers crossed!!

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