Monday, June 22, 2009

Four Days Off With Jim And Gibbs

Being a bit skinty poos (as Jim would say) we've had a very quiet weekend, if slightly longer than usual due to my flexitime and holiday. Which hasn't been a bad thing, I've managed to do a few posts for Moonlight Investigation and even a few saved up so I can keep that blog going along a little better. Rushing those posts is just not possible, as I've found out.

Gibbs the Bearded Dragon is doing well, looking amazingly gorgeous and cute no matter what. Just look at him and tell me he isn't delightful?

You know, I've had all manner of pets before including tortoises and an American Bullfrog but I never thought I'd get a lizard AND think he was actually very adorable. It's not that I've ever disliked lizards, but that from my experience of wild ones, when I was younger and messing around in the Pit in Snodland, I've always felt them to be somewhat emotionless and cold which is very much not the case!!

Oh and it would seem the scriptwriters are at least considering putting Khan in Star Trek 12. NOOOOOOOOO... don't do it. Please God do something original. It's great Star Trek has been rebooted but don't then follow the same path. Let's have some new adventures!!

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