Monday, June 08, 2009

Big Brother: Siavash And His Nipples Plus Other Stories

So Beinazir became the first housemate.... sorry non-housemate.... to be evicted and was sent home, rather surreally by red bus. Shame really as she hadn't done anything truly obnoxious to deserve an eviction. I was hoping either Marcus (who not only is a Wolverine lookalike but also a Wolverine moanalike) or Siavash (look at me I'm soooo cool, honest, I couldn't be cooler if I tried and I really am trying!) would go.

Talking of Siavash tonight's episode featured footage of him lying in the garden stroking his nipples. Jim was deeply offended.

Sree has, somehow, made is way onto my cute list in 3rd place. Don't know why but sometimes I think he looks really very sweet.

Sophia has been talking all street and getting in peoples faces (thankfully Saffia's smug and slappable face was the main one) which has moved her from a high place on my "Like" list to a high place on my "Out Out Out" list.

Saffia walks around the house looking like she is constantly sucking lemons.

Halfwit thinks he would rather sleep with girls because men can be "territorial". Is he saying he doesn't want to share the duvet?? I don't understand, I've not been out with a territorial male before. And let's face it, I've been around :p In the nicest possible way of course. Mmm... territorial males sound all "Grrr..." I like.

Wolverine and Angel held hands. I give it two days before the housemates start singing "Angel and Wolverine sitting in a tree...".

Most disappointed by Rodrigo's curly hair, Charlie's annoying voice and my growing liking for Lisa. Except when she's doing bad renditions of Zig Zag Ha or YMCA with her rapidly formed backing group.

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  1. Contrary to her VT it looks like Sophia is the target black girl that Endemol typically cast. Abrasive argumentative and a bit loony.

    They're not the only ones with an agenda.

    How do you like this new Britain? It's just like the old one.