Saturday, June 06, 2009

Big Brother 10: Day Two On Day Three

Why can't SAS (or SBS) guys break into my house and do some full body searches? *sulk*

So revelations today: Charlie has an extremely fit body. If only he'd keep his mouth shut.

Beinazir is unable to rough it and even before a second night of sleeping on the floor she was in the Diary Room moaning. Did she not realise she was applying to be on Big Brother? Me thinks not.

Sophie doesn't know what a deed poll is. How does anyone get to the age of 18 and not know what a deed poll is? (Sophie is actually 20). She is also not called Sophie anymore, she is now Dogface. Freddie changed his name to Halfwit. The things people will do to be housemates...

You know, Freddie doesn't seem all that bad and maybe I was a little too harsh yesterday. Sure he's a bit of a Tory boy, but then again 75% of the men I've ever gone out with were Tory boys so I can't hold it against him. He seems intelligent at least, and fairly nice.

Sree has been outed as a sex mad womaniser according to Digital Spy. Well we knew that after he started to do palm readings yesterday on the girls. Girls if a guy offers to read your palms he is only after one thing!!

Tensions in the house were rising as more non-housemates became pampered housemates. Can you believe people actually get jealous? Jesus.. as BB1 contestants used to sing "It's only a gameshow".

Let's finish this post on a high note, look it's Rodrigo!!

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  1. Both have got pretty faces. Faces I could never tire of sitting on!

  2. Your appreciation for facial beauty has no end!! ;)