Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Good Friday Night

Yoinked from Tottyland

Mmm... this sort of photo warms my... well you know.

So... after work yesterday I headed down to the Hop Poles in Hammersmith to partake in some drinks in celebration of ROCHELLE'S birthday (she wanted a mention). Nice to have a few drinks with people from work, it's something I don't do often enough any more. Willesden was there, plus new faces.

Good news was heard: Sam won his election!. YAY! Think I will reserve judgement on the local election results until tomorrow when we find out the European results (why do we have to wait until tomorrow when the Dutch already know theirs??? Confusing...)

Stayed for a few hours, and ended up getting home just after 10 via a short stop at Burger King. I settled down to watch Channel 4+1 for Big Brother when I was rudely interrupted by a phone call from... a drunk German lady who demanded I attend the local immediately. Realising resistance is futile when a German is involved, I headed down quickly to find Jim had drunk a little too much alcohol, Charlie the barman cowering in a corner hiding from Jim's amusing if somewhat inappropriate advances, Nettie the German lady going on at length about how much she loves men from Glasgow and Susan Boyle (aka Blanche) expressing bewilderment that I knew so much about her when she couldn't remember ever having met me before. It was one of those sort of nights.

Went to sleep sometime early on Saturday.

Finally saw Big Brother today. So Freddie came out as being a bisexual as well as being a Tory anarchist. Interesting. A few non housemates have become housemates, but really this blog isn't going to focus on facts about BB, just my opinions... so:

Rodrigo is gorgeous.
Sree is extremely amusing, especially when chatting up dim witted people like Saffia. "So how old are you? 18? 19? 20?" says Sree after Saffia admitted to being somewhat naive. "27" she says looking at Sree like he had become sort of Sex God. Bless her.
Lisa might not be as annoying as I thought she would. I actually quite look forward to her accosting the arrogant and vain girls in the house.
Marcus looks like Wolverine. So much. He was even talking about how he doesn't get sick... MUTANT HEALING POWERS!! ;)

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